TigellioTre studio is situated in the charming neighborhood of Stampace (at the heart of Cagliari), right in front of one of the most important archeological sites in Sardinia: Villa di Tigellio.
The complex, which takes its name from the owner Tigellio, a well-known poet of the Augustan age, features the remains of an elegant roman house built in the first century B.C.

The Roman Amphitheatre (I-II d.C.), one of our most relevant examples of the roman public architecture, is less than 10 minutes walk from the b&b!

Stampace district boasts not only the archaeological sites of Villa Tigellio and the Roman amphitheatre, but other important historical points of interest: the Botanical Garden, Cappuccini Garden, S. Michele Church, S.Anna Church and finally S.Efisio Church.

S.Efisio Church is one of the most known and loved cult places in Sardinia: it has been built on the subterranean dungeons and catacombs.
On the first of May since 1657 that church features the departure of the impressive and colourful S.Efisio procession. It combines faith, culture and ancient traditions in a special calibration which is unique in the world. Behind S.Efisio’s relics an impressive parade of folkloristic groups from all over Sardinia, including horsemen, wearing our traditional costumes.

The medioeval district of Castello, with its towers and its ramparts, the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari and the Siamese Art Museum are within a 10/15 minutes walk.

Stampace and Marina, the pulsating heart of Cagliari nightlife, offer a broad range of restaurants, many of them specialized in local street food, cafes and pubs that enliven the whole area, for large stretches, pedestrian.

Largo Carlo Felice and Via Manno shopping area just few steps from TigellioTre b&b!

A short stroll leads to the Cagliari Marina with its beautiful seaside path to Siccu Pier.

Cafès, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, shops, banks, post office, butchers, groceries, coin laundry, drugstore and pharmacy are nearby.

TigellioTre b&b is just a easy walking distance from the Train Station and the Bus Station, both located in Piazza Matteotti where takes place the terminus of Cagliari bus services, especially the ones between the city centre and Poetto beach.

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